About Us

ASP_5843Being hailed from one of the experts in the rich heritage of Indian Indigenous knowledge i.e. medicinal plantsDr.Harikrishna Panaje explores to the wisdom of “Ayurveda” for ayurvedic medical preparations. His approach to Better Health made to start SDP Remedies & Research Centre in 1992. Today, SDP is known for manufacturing and supplying ayurvedic medicines in all over Karnataka and nearby states like Kerala, Goa etc.

We are known for supplying bulk orders of clients within the stipulated time. Team SDP comprises highly skilled, competent staffs. We have also introduced sophisticated machinery and modern technologies to manufacture varieties of preparations. Adding to this we are taking utmost care from the grass root level of collecting herbs, sorting and processing with quality control mechanism till packaging finished products. Being inspired by the ancient Vedic hymn “sarve santhu niramaya” which connotes May all be Healthy Dr.Harikrishna Panaje strives for treating patients, producing very effective ayurvedic medicines through his Remedies and Research Centre respectively. Inventiveness, novelty, constant research and premium quality contents in preparations blended with desired therapeutic result are the hall mark feature of our pharmaceutical products. We have received GMP Certification. This itself speaks the utmost care we are taking about ultimate user/consumer of our medical preparations.

To reduce the manufacturing cost we have installed modern technology and machinery. Our ultimate aim is to provide ayurvedic medicines at low price.

We are producing wide range of Classical and patented ayurvedic preparations in the form of Asava, arishta (syrup), taila (oil), Kashaya, Arka, choorna, leha, gritha, vati (pills) which are helpful to treat different diseases.