Art provides a way to experience oneself in relation to the universe. Here we find two types of personals. One is being an artist himself rendering creative donations to the art and second is being an admirer of art supporting and organising different types of performance in his capacity.

Dr HariKrishna Panaje being a professional Ayurvedic doctor and running a research centre, he is enthusiastic towards art and has been organising different types of contemporary art performances.

Kalopasana is a tribute to an art. In the beginning he structured classic programme by the Karnatic classical music legend Balamurali Krishna later by other famous artists such as Bombay Jayashree, Priya Sisters Chennai,T.M. Krishna, Unnikrishna Malladi Brothers, Abhishek Raghuram etc. Lovers of fine arts, increase in the number of audience has inspired Dr.Harikrishna Panaje to widen the sphere of programme by inviting renowned Classical dance performers, famous Yakshagana Artists.

It is not easy to a doctor to arrange such programmes because of his busy life with medicine, patients and research centre. Kalopasana is unique in its own kind, classic by its own way and many art loving people are waiting for these types of programmes ere. The specifically well aware participants are attending these programmes. He all the time thinks to provide such exclusive series to the viewers. The thought behind this programmes, provide such a different perspective to the art lovers and it will help other professionals to think in this mode.

Dr HariKrishna Panaje is a person who has the taste of culture. By this “Kalopasana” he established a term-time programme state of mind. And it comes fixed time in the year. So those who are wishes to participate these programmes set their time plan so early. Even he is calling well – known artists of our country. By organising these kinds of programs Doctor Panaje aspires to retain our fine arts, rich cultural heritage and transmit the same to future generation. As a part of his ongoing commitment to local culture and the development, he always thinks about something new.

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