Dantha Choorna

Each 10gm contains: Bakula(Mimusops elengi): 2gm,  Amalaki(Emblica officinalia): 2gm, Harithaki(Terminalia chebula): 2gm, Vibhithaki(Terminalia belirica): 2gm, Lavanga(Syzygium aromaticum): 1gm, Saindava: 1gm.

Indication: Bleeding, Spongy or inflamed Gums. As a prophylaxis against dental caries.

Usage: Brush the teeth twice or thrice a day.

Packing: 40gms.

Dr.Harikrishna Panaje pooled together his wealth of practical experience in using herbs, ayurveda and prepared a unique formula named “Dantha Choorna” for cleaning teeth. It performs the task of tooth paste as well as mouth wash. Dantha Choorna is an antibacterial preparation. It cures bleeding, spongy or inflamed gums as a prophylaxis against dental caries. Dantha choorna gives protection to the health of teeth. It also kills germs. Natural herbs mentioned in Vagbhata Samhitha and Charaka Samhithe like Bakula, thriphala and other antibacterial herbal medical substances like plant-based medicines derived from roots,leavesare used. It cleans,freshens not only our mouth but, also breathe. SDP Dantha Choorna is having good aroma and moreover it is a holistic nature of Ayurvedic Preparation by SDP. One of the distinctive features of Dantha Choorna is to prevent further development and spread of tooth cavity.SDP Dantha Choorna is a classic, time tested preparation from SDP Remedies and Research Centre.

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