About Us

The place ‘Panaje’ has been a hotbed of Ayurvedic traditions for centuries. The fresh air surrounding Panaje is filled with the aroma of Ayurvedic herbs and seeds. One such seed sown in the hotbed is SDP Remedies and Research Centre. 

 SDP Remedies and Research Centre was founded in 1992 by Dr. Harikrishna Panaje to prepare medicines for his clinical practice. Traditional knowledge coupled with modern Ayurvedic education helped in manufacturing clinically potent Ayurvedic formulations, which showed wonderful results in clinical practice. Then the mission was to make these highly effective formulations for other practitioners and hence to patients.

 The success is because we pay attention to quality. For the great results we have, we take the utmost care from the grass root level of collecting herbs, sorting and processing with a quality control mechanism till packaging finished products. Therefore, it was obvious from our experience that Ayurvedic drugs can be very potent and effective if stringent quality control is ensured.

However, high quality comes with a high cost, which was against the founder's vision — Affordable Ayurvedic medicines for all. The solution was technology. SDP Ayurveda perfected the use of technology without disturbing traditions. As a result, it was possible to produce high-quality Ayurvedic medicines in bulk quantities at a lower cost.

We quickly learnt that continuous learning and innovation are as important as manufacturing quality drugs. To achieve it, we adapted what we call the learning cycle”. The learning cycle is a process where we apply, observe, correct, and reapply the wisdom of Ayurveda in clinical practice. The “learning cycle” is our core research philosophy at SDP Research Center.

 Fast forward, now we are a good manufacturing practice (GMP) certified manufacturer. We received the Best Manufacturing Award from the Government of Karnataka in 2018. We are a well-known brand across Karnataka. We also supply bulk orders of clients within the stipulated time.

 We are now expanding our horizon across the country as part of our vision of bringing Ayurveda within reach of every Indian. Now our medicines are available for anyone in the country through both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores.

We have in our offering more than 140 classical Ayurvedic preparations and more than 40 patented preparations for the treatment of various diseases.

We work through every aspect at the planning