From the Desk of the Chairman . .

In 1992, SDP Remedies and Research Centre was founded with the vision of bringing Ayurveda to everyone so that their health and well-being could be ensured. The philosophy behind our company is as humble as its beginnings. We believe that research, quality raw materials, and manufacturing, coupled with modern technology, make Ayurvedic medicines effective and affordable.

 We received Ayurveda as a gift. All we had to do was apply, observe, correct, and reapply the wisdom of Ayurveda in clinical practice; we refer to the process as a learning cycle” — our core research philosophy at SDP Research Center.

 We have perfected this learning cycle at SDP Remedies & Research Centre over the last 30 years. As a result, we have more than 140 high-quality classical Ayurvedic preparations and more than 40 proprietary Ayurvedic preparations.

From the very beginning, we were keen and quick to adapt technology to increase manufacturing productivity and medicines' potency. An amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern technology has helped us boost production and meet doctorsdemands without compromising the quality of drugs.

As we cross the 30th anniversary of our formation, we are even more devoted to our core values and philosophies. These are quality, ethics and commitment to making our society healthy.

With your support, I am sure of achieving our goals and realising our vision.

Thank you for all your support, best wishes and blessings.

Dr. Harikrishna Panaje