From the Desk of the MD

SDP Ayurveda is known for it's high-quality medicines. Staying true to the trust bestowed upon us by our customers is paramount. Therefore, we pay attention to even the smallest things that can affect the quality of our products. To ensure quality, we marry technology with tradition so that the tradition remains undisturbed, For example, we use unbleached jaggery to produce Asava and Arishta. Even in modern times, we follow Bhavana and Mardana to prepare tablets (Vati and Gutika). Leha is prepared using unbleached jaggery or rock sugar (Sitopala). We have our own Goshala, and hence all the milk products come from Indian species of cows (A2 milk).

As a result, we received the Best Manufacturing Award from the Government of Kamataka in 2018 and Good Manufacturing Facility (GMP) certification.

We are fully committed to the quality of our products and hence our customers have spread across the country and the world.

Roopalekha Managing Director ‘SDP Remedies and Research Centre