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Embrace Nature's Wisdom with SDP Ayurveda

Blending ancient Ayurvedic traditions with modern insights for your holistic journey.

Sir M. Visvesvaraya Manufacturing Excellence Award
About SDP

About SDP Ayurveda

Rooted in the heart of Panaje, SDP Ayurveda is a legacy of commitment and promise. For over three decades, we’ve been your trusted companion in holistic well-being.

Experience the diverse range of Ayurvedic products, each echoing the purity and expertise of SDP Ayurveda.


Micro-fined to perfection, our choornas encapsulate the essence of Ayurvedic herbs in their purest form, offering potent and effective wellness solutions.


Crafted through a classical fermentation process as mentioned in ancient texts, our Arista-Asava range embodies the essence of traditional Ayurvedic wisdom.

Soft Gel Capsule

Experience the unique benefits of our Soft Gel Capsules, like Ksheera Bala, designed for optimal absorption and


Purified through a special process, our Guggulu products enhance assimilation, offering detoxification and balance for holistic health.


Savor the therapeutic brews of our Kashayas, each drop steeped in tradition and health benefits.


Crafted for healing and relief, our ointments soothe and nourish, offering targeted care for your skin.


Infused with Neem oil and processed with Panchavalkala, our soaps offer a special effect for maintaining healthy skin.


Liquid elixirs of health, our syrups promise wellness with every spoonful.


Our tablets and vatis are fortified with swarasa (juice) and Kashaya (decoction), enhancing their potency and therapeutic effect.

Single Drug Tablet

Explore our range of Single Drug Tablets, each harnessing the focused power of a single Ayurvedic herb for specific health benefits.


From soothing aches, nurturing delicate skin, to revitalizing tresses, our range of oils is a testament to Ayurveda’s holistic approach.


Leha/Leham is a nourishing Ayurvedic jam, meticulously slow-cooked with natural ingredients, designed to rejuvenate health and vitality.

Shree Durga Clinic

At our serene Shree Durga Clinic in Parladka, healing is an art. Experience personalized treatments that ensure every individual feels cherished.

Where Tradition Meets Artistry

Kalopasana, a celebration of culture, music, and life. Be part of this magical confluence of art and tradition.

Where Tradition Meets Artistry
Where Tradition Meets Artistry

Happy families since 1962.

Insights from the world of Ayurveda

Shankapushpi img


Scientific Name: Convolvulus Pluricaulis

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Kadira img


Scientific Name: Acacia catechu

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Sariva img


Scientific Name: Hemidesmus indicus

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Your Ayurvedic journey, now just a click away.

Explore our comprehensive online store, where the entire range of SDP Ayurveda products awaits. From the comfort of your home, delve into the world of holistic wellness, and have our premium Ayurvedic products delivered right to your doorstep.

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